Afterall Journal Issue 51

Part of an ongoing collaboration with Pacific, Afterall Journal is a curated collection of artists, contexts, events, works and exhibitions that invite you to explore the changes of medium, media, and mediation throughout history and culture.


Issue 51, ‘Mediations’. Today, rethinking the medium in art is about approaching it as a form of mediation through its technical and material dimensions and about recognising and examining the latter in their capacities to shape experience, perception as well as setting the conditions of possibilities for the production, circulation and archiving of visual culture. What is more, with technological change and the expansion of contemporary art practices on a planetary scale, global art occupies a front seat when it comes to questioning the way regimes of the sensible are shaped under technical and material conditions, in their local and cultural specificities. Today, one needs to look at locally specific and differentiated understandings of the technicality of regimes of mediations. Afterall’s long-standing interest in examining and diagnosing ‘minor’ artistic positions – be it from a geographical or historical frame – is furthered by paying attention to a plurality of artistic languages, not only to their regional or cultural conditions, but to their technical-material conditions as well.


Creative direction, identity update, publication design, production.


Soft Cover

182 pages

8 × 10 inches