Cal Siegel & Sable Elyse Smith

... In that Empire


. . . In that Empire is a conversation, an experimental cartography bound by each initial decision. Jorge Luis Borges’ story “On Exactitude in Science” frames the encounter: each “L” and “R” within the text creates a list of sixty-one positions. Using these directionals, the artists took sixty-one photos in West Newbury, Massachusetts and Harlem, New York, respectively. 

The reader is invited to access the book through multiple entry points, from front to back, in any order. No matter the beginning, a turn of the page becomes an act of continuing the conversation of experimental cartography established in the making of this book.


Press: Graphic Arts Princeton


Collections: MoMA Library, Princeton University Library

Published by Pacific, 2019 


144 pages

11 ½ × 8 inches 

Edition of 300