Nick Waplington
Neither a Salt Spring Nor a Horse


Neither a Salt Spring Nor a Horse documents Waplington's series of Poseidon Paintings situated within two series of photographs: Olive Trees (2013) was taken in “no man’s land” between the Jewish settlement of Har Homa, south of Jerusalem, and the Palestinian city of Bethlehem, a few hundred meters away. The second series of photographs, Athena 1 to 9 (2012), were taken while Waplington was out walking in the mountains in the northern West Bank. The women in the photographs are students at a midrasha, or Jewish religious boarding school, in the settlement of Shvut Rachel.


Press: Red Hook Star Revue


Collections: MoMA Library

Published by Pacific, 2018

Saddle Stitched with white foil stamp 

68 pages

10 ¼ × 12 inches 

Edition of 400
Special Edition of 50