Afterall Journal Issue 52

Part of an ongoing collaboration with Pacific, Afterall Journal is a curated collection of artists, contexts, events, works and exhibitions that invite you to explore the changes of medium, media, and mediation throughout history and culture.


Issue 52, ‘New Politics’. We seem to experience yet another version of the discontents of civilisation, paralleled by the search for new political responses. The emergence in recent times of new forms of political claims and demands and the structural inequalities, both at local and global level – exacerbated by the biopolitical governmentality of the past two years and by digitisation – has reshaped the maps of the sayable and unsayable and forms of political expression and organisation. The traditional political apparatus and its vertical organisation are increasingly paralleled if not challenged by a proliferation of voices and their calls for recognition.


Creative direction, identity update, publication design, production.


Soft Cover

174 pages

8 × 10 inches