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Philadelphia, PA

William Edmondson
A Monumental Vision

William Edmondson: A Monumental Vision, presented by Barnes Foundation, was the first major East Coast exhibition dedicated to the artist's work in decades, reintroducing audiences to his work. Pacific designed the catalogue for the exhibition, which celebrates Edmondson's sculptures with full-page photographs; front and back covers with front and back views of 'Untitled (Angel)'; and limestone-detail endpapers.

Edmondson began his career around 1932 in Nashville, Tennessee making headstones, and his solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in 1937 was the institution's first show dedicated to a Black artist. A Monumental Vision sheds new light on Edmondson's practice and artistry, bringing together more than 60 of his limestone sculptures. The book also features new essays that re-examine Edmondson's life as a Black artist in the South and his reception on the East Coast in the 1930s.

Published by Barnes Foundation, Designed by Pacific, Hardcover, 9¼ × 11½ inches, 160 pages

Book interior. The left page has two columns of text beneath a green title. The right page features a column of two images next to a column of text. The images are early photographs of the sculptor William Edmondson.
Book interior. The left page features a full page photo of one of the sculptor William Edmondon's carved angels. The second page has two half page detail images of the same angel sculpture.
Two page book spread with a full bleed image of a person carved in stone on the left and a description of the carving on the right.
Two page book spread. The left page features a photograph of the sculptor William Edmondson. The image credit sits in the bottom right corner. The second page features a photograph of one of Edmondson's sculpted angels. The image credit also sits in the bottom right corner.
Back cover of a book floating on a gray background. In the center of the cover there is the back of a carved stone angel. A barcode occupies the bottom right corner.