Primary Information




New York, NY

David Wojnarowicz
Dear Jean Pierre

This 600-page publication collects hundreds of postcards and letters between David Wojnarowicz and his Parisian lover Jean Pierre Delage from 1979 to 1982.

Capturing a truly foundational moment for Wojnarowicz’s artistic and literary practice, these letters not only reveal his captivating personality—and its concomitant tenderness, compassion, and neuroses—but also index the development of the visual language that would go on to define him as one of the preeminent artists of his generation. Through this collection, readers are introduced to Wojnarowicz’s Rimbaud series, his band 3 Teens Kill 4, the publication of his first photographs, his early friendship with Peter Hujar, his participation in the then-emerging East Village art and music scenes, and the preparations for the publication of his first book. Included with these writings are postcards, drawings, xeroxes, photographs, collages, flyers, ephemera, and contact sheets that showcase some of the artist’s iconic images and work, such as the 'Burning House' motif and 'Untitled (Genet, after Brassai)'.

Published by Primary Information, Designed by Pacific, Softcover, 8½ × 11 inches, 616 pages

A brightly lit exhibition room with three display cases in a row, receding into the background. A self runs along all walls in the room. Above the shelf the white walls are covered in framed works.