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Brooklyn, NY


Judy Chicago
Roots of the Dinner Party

This monograph documents the making of Judy Chicago's monumental feminist artwork The Dinner Party, permanently housed at the Brooklyn Museum. The publication includes never before seen sketches, archival photographs and reference material for the installation. Texts by Carmen Hermo, Anne Pasternak, and Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn.

Press: Brooklyn Museum (Launch and Exhibit)

Published by Salon 94, Designed by Pacific, Hardcover, 8¾ × 11 inches, 224 pages, Edition of 1,000

Detail of book cover. Title and author are typed in white over a black and white photograph of a room.
Book interior with black and white headshots of women running in rows across both pages.
Open book with black and white photo on the left page and title page on the right.
Full-bleed, centerfold image of two artists hunched over pottery wheel. The image is black and white and their faces are obscured.
Two pages of an open book. The left page is a black and white photograph of a boxer and her coach. The boxer sits on a stool and the coach stands behind her. The right page is white with two columns of black text.
Open book with a yonic drawing by Judy Chicago on the left page, and two columns of black text on the right page.
Open book with a dinner plate by Judy Chicago on each page.
Detail of an open book. Black and white headshots of women run in rows across the whole page.
Fanned stack of three books. The top book is the back cover. The bottom two books are face up.