Igor Gyalakuthy

Maiastra: A History of Romanian Sculpture 

in Twenty-Four Parts

Măiastra: A History of Romanian Sculpture in Twenty-Four Parts by Igor Gyalakuthy is an experimental novel by artist Timothy Stanley. Presented as a series of scholarly articles on the history of Romanian art, the collection was written under the pseudonym Dr. Gyalakuthy. Gyalakuthy is a retired art historian from Romania, writing a final treatise on the plastic art of his homeland before time and the ravages of mental illness take him. Dr. Gyalakuthy sees Măiastra as an opportunity to shake off the rust of the cultural dark ages of Communism and to present the history of art in Romania as he understands it.
Volume One was originally published as a quarterly column in The Miami Rail. Volume Two to be released in fall 2021.

Collections: MoMA Library

Published by Pacific, 2019


168 pages

5 ½ × 7 ¾ inches

Edition of 250