Jack Shainman




New York, NY


Toyin Ojih Odutola
Tell Me A Story, I Don't Care If It's True

Tell Me A Story, I Don’t Care If It’s True is an oversized hardcover publication that documents Toyin Ojih Odutola's most recent solo exhibition at Jack Shainman gallery of new works on paper. The series attempts to question proclivities towards interpretation and the degrees of bias that effect legibility.

The invented stories presented in the series of diptychs and standalone drawings "engage with variables, be they irreverent, painful, humorous and disturbing—the many facets of life and our attempts to communicate these moments," says Ojih Odutola.

The publication features texts by Toyin Ojih Odutola and Reginald Moore.

Collections: MoMA Library

Published by Pacific, Hardcover with blind deboss on back, 14 × 11 inches, 120 pages, Limited Edition of 500

Light yellow-green book that's wider than it is tall. A painting by the artist, Toyin Ojih Odutola is in the bottom right corner. It features a person's head laying on a pillow. Odultola's name is in the center top, and the book's title is in the bottom left. The text is medium green.
A book open to the title page, the text is in italics. The left page is dark green. The light green cover of the book can be seen sticking out around some of the edges of the paper.
Open book with a table of contents on the right page. The left page is blank.
Book centerfold that shows a photograph of a wall from an exhibition. The wall is white and six small drawings hang on it.
An open book with a black and white close-up drawing of a woman smiling. She is in profile and a balcony fence appears to be just behind her head. A mountain and sky are in the background. A note is written on light pink card stock on the bottom right corner of the right page.
An open book shows two pages, one with a note written in light pink card stocks. The other is a drawing of the back of a person's head. The person wears a red shirt. One pierced ear, adorned with a small gold hoop, can be seen.
An open book shows two pages. The right page has a full bleed drawing of a woman, seen from the shoulders up, sleeping. Her head is resting on a pillow. The left page shows a note written on blush pink card stock, off-center and to the right.
Two pages of an open book. The right page is blank. The left page has a drawing of a woman's face. She wears a dark green shirt and seems to be standing in a doorway.
Two pages of an open book. The light green cover can be seen around the edges. A woman in a blue turtleneck and gold jewelry, rests her face on her palm. She sits in a colorful room. A note written in blush pink card stock sits in the bottom left corner of the opposite page.
The black back cover of a light greenish-yellow book.