Still photo from the artist Matthew Barney's installation, 'Secondary'. A red, orange and blue carpet sits between rows of pillars within a warehouse. A sports jumbotron is suspended above the carpet. Football field lights are attached to the tops of the pillars. Barney has created a carpeted football field within a warehouse.


Matthew Barney




Long Island City, NY

Matthew Barney

Pacific collaborated with Matthew Barney to create a publication for Secondary, his new five-channel video installation.

The publication is an oversized zine with pages of black-and-white photography from production rehearsals printed on uncoated paper wrapped around a glossy, full-color interior with design cues from playbills and old football magazines. The book mirrors qualities of Barney's studio, which serves as the setting for both the exhibition and the video, and features stills from the film; profiles of the performers; as well as photographs of sets, props, and sculptures used in the film.

Designed by Pacific, Saddle stitch, 11 × 15 inches, 64 pages, Edition of 1,000

Black and white book cover is on top of a gray background. The cover features a dancer on his way toward taking a knee. His fist is raised and he is positioned in front of four criss-crossing white PVC poles. A large gymnastics mat covers the floor of the warehouse room he is in.
Open book with two distinct pages. The left page features a black and white photograph of deteriorating dumbbells. The right page has the title, "Secondary" at the top, and a stern football player wearing his jersey faces out.
Book interior that showcases players from two opposing football teams. Each page features three players and their biographies. The left page showcases Patriots and the right page showcases Raiders.
Book interior showing 'Player Profiles' from Matthew Barney's installation, 'Secondary'. Both pages feature a half-page image of the player beneath which is their character name and actor name. A short biography takes up the rest of the page.
Book interior which features a full page of text on the left and an image from the installation, 'Secondary' by Matthew Barney on the right. The text is white on black background. The image features two referees on a red, orange and blue carpet. A woman in a black dress is in side-profile, singing.
Two page book spread. The left page features a football player standing in front of a red background, the title 'Secondary' is above his head. The right page is a black and white photograph of cast dumbbells on the floor.
Two page black and white spread of the book 'Secondary' created for Matthew Barney's exhibition of the same name. The left page is a rehearsal image of a performer dancing in the warehouse space. The right image is a close-up of hands working with resin.
Back cover of a book in which a man in a track suit is bent into a precarious position on the floor, presumably dancing. The image is black and white. The book is on top of a light gray background.