Photograph of a casting wall. The wall is covered in various polaroids of people from the chest up. There is an overall warm cast to the image.






New York, NY

Jennifer Venditti
Can I Ask You A Question?

Casting director Jennifer Venditti's process relies on “chance encounters with random strangers” who capture her imagination. She usually engages them with a simple opener: “Can I ask you a question?”

Can I Ask You a Question? is a thorough exploration into Venditti’s uncommon casting process that brings real life to narrative films and series including Good Time, Uncut Gems, and Euphoria.

With over 300 pages of original casting photos, writing by Venditti, plus interviews and contributions from collaborators including director Josh Safdie, photographer Alec Soth, and casting scouts Eleonore Hendricks and Michele Mansoor, the book is a rare behind-the-scenes look at the work of one of film’s most visionary figures.

Press: Vogue, New York Times, W Magazine

Published by A24, Designed by Pacific, Clothbound hardcover with foil stamp, Casebound, 9½ × 12 inches, 343 pages, Edition of 4,500

Book with gray woven cover and the title "Can I Ask You A Question?" embossed in black. The book is turned 1/4 so as to see the pages.
Open book. The left page has a mirrored block of black text on a transparent page. The right page features a typed letter on top of an image of a person with shoulder-length hair.
Book interior in which the left page features a grid of fifteen images of different people. The right page is filled 2/3 by an image of a woman having her photograph taken. Beneath this image is text.
Book interior. The left page is a scan of a letter imposed on a black background. The right page is a photograph of two girls, the one on the left is taller. The photo has an overall yellow-orange hue.
An open book in which the left and right pages are filled with polaroids of people. Everyone is different, some are smiling, others are serious. Names are written on the left side of some of the polaroids.
An open book. The left page has a grid of six video-stills of a child actor, acting out a scene. The right page features the celebrity, Julia Fox, wearing a black tank top and a shoulder length haircut.
A book interior that features two letters on each page. The left page has a red letter imposed on a black background. The right page has a short essay over the image of a crowd.
Book centerfold that features an advertisement for actors. The advertisement features a black and white photograph of a young couple kissing. The call to action is in pink letters.
Book interior with four images of the actress Hunter Schafer spread across two pages. The images are still from a screen test.