Swiss Institute




New York, NY

Anna-Sophie Berger
Life and Limbs

The gallery becomes a mouth. It has four pointy teeth and is an aged, even sickly, shade of off-white. The teeth are walls, and on them hang artworks selected by Austrian artist Anna-Sophie Berger for the exhibition life and limbs, Swiss Institute’s fourth installment of its Architecture and Design Series.

Documenting and further exploring Berger's 2019 exhibition, the publication considers the human body across works drawing from speculative architectures, Surrealism, late twentieth-century fashion design, and other subjects of modern visual culture. The book essays by Annie Godfrey Larmon, Phillip Ekardt, and Anna-Sophie Berger.

Published by Swiss Institute and Lenz Press, Designed by Pacific, Hardcover, 8½ × 11 inches, 152 pages

Open book with two columns of text on the right page. A black and white photograph of a woman's feet in heels is on the left page.
Open book with an exhibition photograph on the left page. Two columns of text are on the right page.
Open book with a centerfold exhibition image.
Open book with an exhibition image on the left page. Two columns of text are on the right page.
Open book with centerfold exhibition image. A red coat hangs in the center. A frame hangs on the wall to the right of the coat. A door and exit sign above it, are to the left of the coat.
Two pages of an open book that each features a distinct artwork.
An open book. The left page has two images vertically aligned. The right page has two columns of text.
Back cover of a black book. "SI" is embossed in gold on the bottom left corner.
Exhibition photograph that features several sculptures on the floor and framed works on the wall.