Nelson George
The Nelson George Mixtape: Volume 2


On the fiftieth anniversary of hip hop, Pacific is releasing The Nelson George Mixtape, Volume 2 with longtime collaborator Nelson George. Volume 2 gathers together essential writing by George from 1978 onward as he chronicled the birth of hip hop in New York City.

"In the summer of ‘78 I was twenty years old, a college student, and a wannabe music journalist when I first witnessed DJ Kool Herc play break beats for a crowd of teenagers in the schoolyard of Taft High school in the South Bronx. I’d seen DJ’s rock block parties with disco beats all over the city, but Herc’s mix was different, more obscure, more defiantly funky. By publishing an account in the New York Amsterdam News that July I became one of the first people to report on what we now call hip-hop."

Published by Pacific, 2023

Softcover, saddle stitch

48 pages

8 ½ × 11 inches 

Edition of 250