Jennie Jieun Lee

Rainbow 1 Hour Photo

Ceramicist Jennie Jieun Lee’s first hardcover publication, Rainbow 1 Hour Photo documents several years of the artist’s work divided into four distinct sections: Vessels & Larger Works, Busts & Pedestals, Paintings, and Masks. The diversity Lee brings when navigating ceramic art is highlighted in four texts addressing her practice as well as her complex and inspiring personal history.  

Rainbow 1 Hour Photo was also the name of the photo business run by her parents when Lee was a child. A 12-page facsimile insert of the photo books supplied by the business includes photos of Lee and her family in 1970s/80s New Jersey and New York City.

Texts by Barbara Pollack, Natasha Lyonne, Tony Marsh, and Lila Lee-Morrison. 


Press: Korea Society


Collections: MoMA Library

Published by Pacific and Martos Gallery, 2018

Hardcover with insert

144 pages

8 ½ × 10 ¼ inches

Edition of 500