John Dilg

Flight Path

Flight Path is a catalogue of paintings from John Dilg’s exhibition of the same name at Eva Presenhuber Gallery. 

John Dilg’s paintings feel like landscapes rather than being such. 

Dilg paints metaphors and abstractions using what he calls a mental archive of essential visual forms, drawing on memory and tonalities of color and the sensations they can convey to create an enthralling, symphonic whole that emphasizes stillness and the continuum of time.

The subjects of these works are not the objects that occupy the paintings but the representation of a moment in time in itself. Used as visual analogs, the shapes and hues in the paintings become the framework to depict the world at large and create the narratives inside the paintings.


Press: New York Times, Brooklyn Rail


Published by Eva Pressenhuber, 2021

Designed by Pacific

Hard cover with embossing

46 pages

7 × 9 inches

Edition of 500

→ Available at Galerie Eva Presenhuber