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Branding an Artists’ Research Residency

Artists + Machine Intelligence (AMI) is a forward-looking research program at Google dedicated to building and sustaining a field of creative practitioners working with machine learning. The collaborative program exists to develop a diverse and inclusive range of funding and mentorship opportunities that support artists and researchers in the investigation, development, and production of ambitious and innovative machine learning focused works. Pacific reimagined the brand and website to communicate AMI’s position as the premier supporters of the future of art and technology.

We set out to evolve a brand and digital space that is immersive, informative and shareable, with the goal of creating an engaging experience that informs new and old audiences of the ways AI can influence thinking around art, culture, and creativity. The result is a space for the AI art community that showcases the artistic research culture at Google while informing how artists with non-computer science backgrounds can move the field of AI forward.

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